Angela, from Virginia uses a left below the knee prosthetic and a right partial foot device after multiple surgeries from amniotic band syndrome. She enjoys the freedom that an active lifestyle has given her thanks to her prosthetics that includes travelling and hockey.  She is tired of feeling like she has to put up a fight for the devices she needs to maintain her active lifestyle. 

Courtney, from Mound, was injured in a boating accident that resulted in the loss of her leg, below the knee. As a very active adult, wife, and mother of two she depends on her prosthetic devices to keep up with family, work as a Fox9 news reporter and just be active.

Tom, from Newport  became a right below the knee amputee in October 2019 from a car accident. Being active with swimming has always been a part of my life, and I worried I would no longer be able to swim due to the difficulty of getting in/out of a pool and balance without my right leg. I was able to get a waterproof prosthetic leg that allowed me to continue to swim laps. It is important for amputees to stay active: swimming, running or just walking the dog for physical and mental health reasons.

Mary, from Blaine, played fast pitch softball professionally in her younger years.  She lost her leg because of the trauma from her sports life which led to a total knee replacement. The surgery led to a staph infection that eventually caused the amputation of her leg above the knee. She works to maintain her health and enjoys swimming and biking.  And she loves to travel!

Jordan, from Saint Paul uses carbon braces on both sides to help with his everyday mobility and maintain an active lifestyle. He is on his feet all day as a certified prosthetist orthotist and pushes his braces to the limits when he is rock climbing. He is able to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle thanks to his devices.  

Nickolas, from Circle Pines, made the decision at age 9 to amputate both of his legs at the knees after countless surgeries could not treat a rare genetic condition, popliteal pterygium syndrome. Today, his prosthetic legs enable him to enjoy work and an active lifestyle that includes cycling and other MN outdoor activities. He is very passionate about his job as an Orthotic/Prosthetic Technician. Every day, his prosthetic legs give him the ability to live a quality life and the opportunity to give back to others.

Walker, from Woodbury, is a go getter! He recently received a prosthetic running blade from Wiggle Your Toes that allowed him to feel running like an ablebodied person! He loves hanging out with friends and family, school, and staying active by playing sled hockey on the MN Wild Sled hockey team, soccer, and flag football.

Kelly, from Stacy, is a traumatic motorcycle accident survivor. She maintains an active lifestyle pushing her prosthetic device to compete in triathlons and CrossFit. She continues to use her left below knee prosthetic device to give back to the amputee community by improving prosthetic designs and building prosthetics for the Veteran population for research purposes. Balancing motherhood with a growing family, her device enables her to lead a fulfilling life.

Elena, from Minnetonka, was born with a rare medical condition that left her unable to walk. At the tender age of three, she underwent surgery to have both legs amputated. From the day she put on her first set of prosthetic legs, she has been a go-getter and has depended on her prostheses to live the full and active life she loves. 

Karen, who had to amputate her left leg below the knee, all of her toes on her right foot, and fingers on both hands due to Septic shock is full of life!  She loves to go walking out in nature. When Karen can’t be active outside,  she is off to Planet Fitness to work out on the bikes, and is learning to lift weights.  She spends quite a bit of time volunteering in a spiritual ministry at a local nursing home, and volunteers at church.
 Her greatest joy is when she can put a smile on someone's face.

Eli, from Corcoran, born with a fibular limb deficiency. An amputation as an infant and a prosthetic fitting soon after has enable Eli to  navigate nearly each milestone of childhood with little disruption. He is now a very active member of Civil Air Patrol, pursuing his private pilot's license, snowboarding, riding horses, and zealously working on the family farm. Eli depends on his prosthetics daily to muck out stalls, walk across the farm, and keep up with his physical fitness standards for Civil Air Patrol. 

Leslie, from Rosemount faced bilateral below the knee amputations following a surgery with tragic complications.  Nine years ago, amputation was her only option, today she thrives with limb loss.  A national educator for those facing amputation Leslie can show firsthand how “life comes back”.  Wearing her AllPro blades all day, she can engage in high level activities.  She loves to bike, garden, travel—you name it, she does it!

Chris, from Saint Paul decided to amputate after an infection moved from his leg toward his heart. When presented with the facts, the decision was easy; there was only one question. Will I walk again? Having access to a prosthetist and insurance  allowed me to regain my independence, purchase a home with stairs, rediscover the joys of bike riding and build a stronger bond with my dog on our daily walks. All of these activities were essential to my mental health and are helping me thrive in ways I never thought I could.

Randy, from Corcoran, was injured in a snowmobiling accident that resulted in the loss of his leg, above the knee. As a very active adult, husband, and grandfather, Randy depends on his prosthetic devices to keep up with FireFighting, Emergency Medical Technician and hunting as well as his full time job as a lawn Maintenence Technician.

Logan, from Shakopee, is a multisport / activity kid. He wrestles, skateboards, plays soccer, sled hockey and races motocross. Logan has multiple prosthetics that allow him to keep up with his family and friends. Components include his daily ambulating prosthetic, running blade and a special prosthetic knee for racing motocross and riding his bike.

Lindsey, from Minneapolis decided amputation was her best option for an active life after a ski accident and twenty limb salvage surgeries. She now enjoys rock climbing, visiting the ocean, teaching pilates, and is a certified prosthetist. She utilizes her water leg, running blade, and microprocessor ankle on a weekly basis to maintain her active lifestyle.


Matt, from Prior Lake is a husband father, and employee of Wells Fargo Minneapolis. Diagnosed at a young age with osteosarcoma that ultimately resulted in the loss of his leg above the knee, Matt lives a very active lifestyle pushing his prosthetic components to their limits.